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Dreams of a Day Sleeper

Posted on Sunday, May 8, 2016 | No Comments

Ashley's life is traumatic, even outside the hospital... Ashley Winters is a recent college graduate, a genuinely nice person, and a brand-new ER nurse on the night shift. When she got her first real job, she thought it would be the start of an exciting and freeing transition to independent adulthood. She never expected a bully nurse would be out to get her and that another colleague would rope her into a drug-stealing scheme! Life outside of work isn't much better. A combination of unlucky choices and bad judgment puts her into more than a few uncomfortable situations with men. After a series of rough days and rougher nights, Ashley realizes that trauma patients aren't her only challenge. She'll need to find the confidence to stand up for herself and live the life she knows she deserves. Dreams of a Day Sleeper is a women's fiction novel about a nurse coming of age in the real world. If you like chick lit with substance, characters who tackle personal and professional problems, and gripping page-turners, then you'll love Lucey Phillips' dazzling debut novel. Read Dreams of a Day Sleeper to go on a journey with Ashley Winters today!

Free Days: 05/09 - 05/13 

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