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Havana Blood

Posted on Sunday, May 8, 2016 | No Comments

Samson Hercules Duff and his loyal American Pit Bull Terrier are back in the exciting action adventure thriller "Havana Blood", the sequel to Max Ray's first action adventure fiction novel, "Gator Moon". The most important things in Sam Duff's life, his beloved Elise Jones and his dog, JunkYard, are kidnapped by a psychopath who has designed a computer program that lets him control the behavior of humans and animals. Sam's partner, Skeets Kirby is also being held captive by the twisted genius, Quentin Burgaard, III and his bloodthirsty mastiff, Goar. Sam must attempt a suicidal rescue on a desolate Bahamian island to save those that matter most to him.

Free Days: 05/09 - 05/11 

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