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How To Make Love While Conscious

Posted on Tuesday, May 24, 2016 | No Comments

How To Make Love While Conscious is an incisive, humorous, and compelling novel about radical off-grid communities, anarchist revolution, and media manipulation, set in both the radical and "English" worlds of the declining near-future. Several decades from now, San Antonian Jim Salvatierra works at a plumbing fixture warehouse and is also part of a radical culture-jamming organization that's had minimal impact so far. That is, until a mundane permaculture video turns him and his "comrade" Inez into superstars. After years of dadaist stunts and off-grid proselytizing, Jim and Inez achieve a dangerous level of fame which sends them hitchhiking and trainhopping across the country in search of what counterculture really means.

Free Days: 05/25 - 05/27

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