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The Admirals and the Pearls

Posted on Thursday, May 19, 2016 | No Comments

Charlie and Gus, brother detectives, are at school in America, but spend every holiday aboard the English houseboat of their Aunt Allegra, moored in the north Essex village of Rowhedge. This time, only days after the boys' arrival, Mr Admiral, the most celebrated, elusive and smelly resident of the village, is found murdered in his hallway. His wife, immensely tall, always dressed in a kimono and distinguished by an extraordinary curl of hair on her head, is distraught. Who has killed Mr Admiral? Suspiciously, the Admiral's brother is missing, along with his famous and valuable pearls. But, the riverside village hosts a formidable cast of other suspects: Roger, the ever-hungry postman; Miss Willow, the ever-fainting owner of energetic dog, Bono; Dr Petula Honeycomb, publicity-obsessed local MP; Pamela Craven, owner of 'Pamela's Petals'; and Anjali Dasgupta, the local jeweller. The mysterious Australian, Wilhelm von Brandischnapper, lurks in the background. Detective Inspector Gratwick, aided by Constable Truefoot, soon makes an arrest and Bernard Badger, the owner of the local burger bar, is charged with murder. But as Charlie and Gus discover, all is not what it seems...

Free Days: 05/20 - 05/22 


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