> > The Atomic Eight Inches: The 1st Simon Scarlet Espionage Adventure

The Atomic Eight Inches: The 1st Simon Scarlet Espionage Adventure

Posted on Wednesday, May 25, 2016 | No Comments

Gina Gianni was having a lousy enough day before she ran into deranged Doctor Wilhelm Schnatz. But now, things have just gone crazy. He drugged her, stripped her, and implanted her with a fully-functional penile prosthetic - powered by a nuclear battery, no less! Dr. Schnatz plans to use Gina as a 'mule' to sneak the dangerous device past the authorities - and that finds the pretty, New Jersey housewife on the run. Pursued by the F.B.I., Iranian terrorists and the British Secret Service, it seems everybody wants to get what's inside Gina's panties - and none of them care who they hurt in the process. But fortunately, Gina's not alone. By her side is rogue secret agent Simon Scarlet - a dashing, debonair Brit with a wandering eye and a drinking problem. As this suave super spy keeps Gina safe, she finds herself getting more and more attracted to the handsome redhead - a situation which causes friction when Gina's husband, Vinnie Gianni, joins them on the run. Stuck with an plutonium -powered hard-on, and caught in a sizzlingly erotic love-triangle, poor Gina doesn't know which way to turn. All she knows is that her life - and the safety of millions - is on the line until she can deliver The Atomic Eight Inches into the right hands!

Free Days: 05/26 - 05/30 

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