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Cut from the Same Cloth

Posted on Tuesday, June 14, 2016 | No Comments

"...will linger in your mind's eye long after you finish the story. Terrific!" - HUNTRESS REVIEWS, Detra Fitch, 5 stars Scarlet O'Hara meets the Scarlet Pimpernel Why must Lord St. Evert dress like an overdone Dandy? His outlandish wardrobe belies his powerful build and the hard unyielding lines of his face. Whoever he is, he's ruining Elizabeth Hampton's desperate scheme to secure a rich husband. Terribly vexing, to arrive at the most fashionable Breakfast Party of the Season wearing a perfectly stunning Chinese silk gown, only to discover Lord St. Evert is clad in unmentionables cut from identical cloth. Elizabeth is determined to spy out his perplexing game, and put an end to his interference. Lord St. Evert despises pretension of any kind. He cannot abide the self-important airs put on by some members of the Ton, and intentionally makes a mockery of them. Unfortunately, the one woman who captures his interest is the biggest pretender of all. He vows to teach Miss Elizabeth Hampton a lesson she won't soon forget.

Free Days: 06/15 - 06/19 

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