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From a Venetian Courtyard

Posted on Thursday, June 23, 2016 | No Comments

In these twelve, atmospheric stories you are transported to an apartment in a leafy courtyard at the heart of Venice. Against a background of crumbling palazzos and remote canals are woven tales of tragedy, death and romance; a soul is lost in transit, a young blind woman from the eighteenth century learns to navigate the city by scent and touch, a proposal is long-awaited, an opera ticket changes the future of a whole family and a cat displays a keen sense of history. And always the essence of Venice is evoked, when light catches the rosy brickwork of the bridges, the flat melancholy waters of the lagoon chop around the boats and cobwebs of mist hang over canals on winter mornings...

Free Days: 06/24 - 06/26

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