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From 5-Star Review: I have read all of Dr. Gold's books including this one and have never been disappointed This is a story about a couple, Denise and Gabe, who had trouble conceiving so went with in vitro. It took them a good amount of tries before it was a success. Their child, Zack, was born and they were thrilled. They soon learned that Zack was very gifted. They did everything possible to ensure that Zack's gifts were nurtured while still giving him as close to a normal life that they could. This book has no sex scenes in it at all. I do recommend this book for ages 14 on up. A word of caution. Be sure to allow yourself enough time to read it through. Once you start, you will not want to put it down. Denise Berg, a professor of psychology, and her molecular biologist husband, Gabe, expected an intelligent child. When Denise gave birth to Zack, they were thrilled. They were not surprised to find that Zack had physical and mental gifts, but were astounded by their magnitude. By every parameter, Zack was extraordinarily gifted and they took pride in their genes and in their good fortune. What they didn't know was that Zack's gifts were the result of more than good luck and Berg family genes, but depended on genetic material from an unusual source. Zack's abilities would ultimately attract others with less than benign interests.

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