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No Place Like Holmes

Posted on Wednesday, June 8, 2016 | No Comments

Not your ordinary Sherlock Holmes story, this novella presents Holmes taking care of the time-traveling Jennifer. She literally drops at his feet, from out of nowhere. He finds the woman intriguing and a wondrous diversion from his life of poverty and solitude. The fact that she claims she travels thru time is surprising, yet not unfamiliar. Jenny knew how chaotic time travel was, but she didn't expect to find that Sherlock Holmes existed. But in her own words - "She accepted that there was no wall between truth and fiction, history and story. The two bumped up against each other, swapped DNA, fell apart, came back together... None of it made a lick of sense." Chasing a jewel thief seems a simple mission, but secrets bring complications. Layer by layer, she reveals a painful past that could see Holmes fail to redeem his reputation. She wants to help, but is frightened at responsibility for another person. His strengths come to light, practicing patience and understanding far beyond what she thought the literary character capable of. But this England isn't what she supposes, and he isn't the person Conan Doyle created. Preconceptions are a trap she falls into again and again. Only by seeing the man in front of her will she discover how much she can trust him. Together, she and Holmes will discover the truth of needing people and finding a place to belong.

Free Days: 06/09 - 06/13 

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