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In a place known only as Eden, Doctor Abigail Brennaman wakes to find herself alone and isolated after a terrible accident she barely remembers.

Terrified, she struggles for understanding as the surreal situation stretches the very limits of her imagination.

After an unseen host reveals that she has been in cryonic suspension since the accident, she discovers she is not alone in this living nightmare. There are other subjects.

What Eden really is, why Abigail and the others were brought here, and what they should do next are questions that will haunt their every waking moment.

As the unusual host shares revelation after revelation, they must decide together what to believe and what action to take - accept or defy. As the truth comes to light, they fight to hold onto the past while faced with an unpredictable future and a very threatening present.

With every mind-boggling revelation, they find themselves further from the life and world they once knew and closer to the truth that may destroy them. Their final decision leads to an intense battle for survival with a shocking outcome.

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