> | > Spurs and Lace | Western Romance: Clearwater County World (Lonely Lace Series Book 1)

Spurs and Lace | Western Romance: Clearwater County World (Lonely Lace Series Book 1)

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A tough Montana rancher tangles with a pretty doctor from the city. Slate MacAllister, Montana rancher and veterinarian, will do anything to keep the land he loves from the man determined to wrest it from his control. But to protect the people he loves, he'll risk his own life. When 3-year-old Mac becomes deathly ill in the middle of the worst blizzard in memory, Slate rides for the doctor-only to find a new doc, much too young and pretty to know anything about medicine. Dr. Becky O'Donald made it through medical school despite the discouragement of her parents. Now the city girl is fighting her way out from under a mountain of student loan debt in a tiny Montana town, struggling to get used to more having horses and cows around than people. When she ends up cloistered in a sprawling ranch house with the handsome Slate, a sick little boy who looks just like him, and the boy's lovely, fragile mother, Becky must deny her heart and focus on saving a life. Slate is torn between worrying about his absent twin brother, what his enemy will try next, and his attraction to a woman who surely isn't suited for life in rugged, rural Montana. But when he rides to her rescue, the two learn that together, they may just be stronger than the adversity they face.

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