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The Clearance House

Posted on Wednesday, June 8, 2016 | No Comments

Peter Milton is a master at gaining people's confidence, but once he has extracted what he wants from them he throws them away like a broken toy. He had made himself a very rich man at the expense of others, thinking nothing of causing misery and ruining people's lives for monetary gain. However, that cosy world of his was suddenly destroyed when he was imprisoned for something he didn't do. On completion of his sentence, he was released to the world penniless and homeless and with anger raging inside him for the man whose false evidence had put him there. He was to meet him sooner than he expected. However, in an unexpected turn of events his adversary throws him a lifeline. Peter decided he would use him to climb back up the ladder until this man's usefulness was over and the time was right to exact his revenge. The end result however, was not quite what he had planned for.

Free Days: 06/09 - 06/12

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