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The Ghost of Cattingham Hall

Posted on Wednesday, June 29, 2016 | No Comments

While staying with her Aunt Lydia at Cattingham Hall Maddie Johnson conducts a seance with her friend Sam. They make contact with Anna, a young girl who may be the ghost who haunts the Hall, and Maddie forms a deep bond with her despite the hundreds of years that separate them. Anna warns Maddie that the witches who trapped her long ago are hunting for new souls, and Maddie fears they might be after her because she can communicate with Anna across time. But although the witches attack Maddie it is not her they want. It is someone who is a natural witch. Who will help Lydia defend her beloved home from the evil witches who are using their deadly power and dark arts to attack the Hall? Can Anna finally be laid to rest in time? And how does the secret room help Lydia save the Hall from the clutches of her scheming brother-in-law?

Free Days: 06/30 - 07/03 

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