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The Mysterious Case of the Mysterious Case

Posted on Thursday, June 16, 2016 | No Comments

Animals are being tortured and killed by a villain whose name is talked about only in whispers... Homes is an iPad using, stick loving dog with a craving for disguise and custard cream biscuits. After spending four years in the local dogs home he identifies wheelchair-bound Susan Queen as possessing all of the required attributes to be his owner. The pair soon find themselves with a mystery to solve. Aided by Susan's two best friends, a group of pigeons with problematical bowels and a cat who is a recovering kleptomaniac they must face a school bully and two Russian hit-men as they attempt to put a stop to the cruelty being inflicted on animals by ... Jack the Ripper! The Mysterious Case of the Mysterious Case is an extremely funny tale highlighting the importance of friendship, the impact of bullying and the fact that throwing and catching a stick can be enjoyed irrespective of one's level of intelligence!

Free Days: 06/17 - 06/19 

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