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The Power Of Discipline

Posted on Saturday, June 4, 2016 | No Comments

Parenting has become a more challenging task with the rapid changing of lifestyle and requirements of life in the modern society that challenge both the parents and the child physically and emotionally. Have you ever wonder why your child has an aggressive behaviour, always throwing tantrum or whining over the slightest thing? These behaviour often leave helpless parents feeling angry, overwhelmed, tired and frustrated. There are various ways in which parents discipline their children. Some of them are not as effective as one may think. It requires a lot of patience, cooperation and attention to create that unbreakable bonds of trust and respect. This book will show you Parenting challenges that parent's face, Common parental discipline mistakes, Common disciplinary cases among children and how discipline can be applied to benefit both parents and child. Inside, you will also learn: 20 Effective Discipline Rules Taking Things and Sibling Rivalry Resisting Bedtime, Car Seats and Resisting Change Temper, Tantrums and Talking Back Neutralize argument And much, much more!

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