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Threshold (Engines of Ascendancy Book 1)

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The long, hot summer of 1295 is a time of intermittent war and economic desperation in Western Christendom. The kingdoms of England and France find themselves increasingly embroiled in internal and external conflict that threatens to tear society and religion apart. Amidst this discord, a unique discovery made in the north of Wales sets in motion events that will impact so many across the continent, from Welsh partisans to French spies and English Templars to warring kings. In all reaches of society, interested and indifferent parties alike are forced to react to the discovery and respond to the moves of those around them - will the ensuing chain reaction eclipse the existing strife and turmoil? Memories are stirred, beliefs questioned, and prophecy and destiny hang in the balance in a wide-ranging tale of intrigue, duty, revenge and love across the cities, forests and mountains of Europe.

Free Days: 06/10 - 06/12 

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