> > Tracy's Lemtrada Journey: Kicking MS In The Nuts

Tracy's Lemtrada Journey: Kicking MS In The Nuts

Posted on Wednesday, June 15, 2016 | No Comments

There is no 'nice' reason to sit down and read a book like this. The stark reality is that you either have Multiple Sclerosis or someone you love has it and you are researching Lemtrada as a treatment and want to learn more about people's experiences with it. This is a true and frank 'diary' of my year, the life of a Lemmie. This is a year in my life filled with love, tragedy, a whole lot of stupidity, positivity, hope, and wine (okay there's a LOT of wine). It has also been a year of EPIC improvements on the MS front. Lemtrada allows you to show your immune system who's in charge of it; and if it won't do as it's told then you'll damn well make it! This is me being able walk again without a stick, the recovery of my 'normally' dodgy eyesight, getting the feeling back to my body, no longer being scared of needing the bathroom and wearing heals for the first time in many years. I drew a battle line in the sand and then I went to war and I fought to win!

Free Days: 06/16 - 06/19 

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