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Until The Last Sunset

Posted on Thursday, June 23, 2016 | No Comments

Catherine Williams appears to be a normal, attractive young housewife. She has a lovely home, a devoted husband and drives a classic sports car... But appearances can be deceptive. She has an incredible secret; a secret that she has had to try and hide for over three hundred years.

Tragedy tears her world apart; it also briefly thrusts her into the spotlight and brings her to the attention of people who have been looking for someone just like her.

Sean Pendle is a ruthless and violent car thief. He has spent his itinerant life indulging his passions for expensive cars, and women, with little thought for how he comes by either.

His travels happen to bring him into contact with Catherine, who finds his attention far from welcome.

But it seems that on this occasion he has definitely picked the wrong girl at the wrong time.

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