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A Bunch of Lies

Posted on Wednesday, July 13, 2016 | No Comments

Devastated when her daughter Amy is killed by a hit and run driver, Siobhan has to discover the identity of the killer. Despite their best efforts the police have no useful leads other than the intuition of local florist Nina, and who would believe a troubled young woman secretly in love with a gay man, who would stop at nothing to turn him straight? That is, until they find Amy's diary. A chain of events is set in motion linking lies from the past to the present among members of the local community, and which it seems only another death can stop. In the three weeks since Amy died and her funeral there are a lot of reasons why people are buying flowers, and their perfume doesn't always mask them. Brighton is famous for its diversity, but even so, the police embark on a witch hunt, while the killer maintains his silence.

Free Days: 07/14 - 07/17 

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