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A House Made of Bricks

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My life had always felt like the house of straw. One huff and puff from the wrong person and it would all come down. Now I was going to let someone in.

High school junior Miller Cassidy is hiding a secret. And he'll do whatever it takes to protect it on his own terms. So when he and Eliza, the shy girl from his math class, cross paths, he needs to know if he can trust her.

He makes it his mission to find out.

Eliza Sullivan just wants to get through detention. And she almost does- right up until she throws up in the trashcan.

Luckily, no ones there to see it. Or so she thinks. She's mortified to discover bad boy Miller Cassidy is still there- and he's seen everything.

But she's thrown for a loop when the aloof guy from Calculus becomes her reluctant savior.

Little does she know it's just the beginning.

When the two embark on a unlikely friendship, both are surprised to find out how deep their feelings for each other run.

But when Miller's life catches up with him, it threatens to destroy them both.

What's Eliza willing to do to protect him? And what will Miller do when it all comes crashing down?

A House Made of Bricks, by Penelope Baldwin, is the first book of the Eliza and Mill series. Stay tuned for the second book, Life From the Inside. Available soon.

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