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Ancestral Silk

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A tale of human behaviour set in Lyon, a mysterious and esoteric city in 19th century France, in the heart of the old historical districts of St. Jean and St. Georges.

Alexandrine is a romantic passionate young woman, who falls in love with a naval officer called Lachelles.

Lachelles' mother Juliana has a passion for hats that has led him to discover Alexandrine, the daughter of a local hat maker, who owns a modest factory in Lyon.

Juliana however disapproves of the young Alexandrine; her social status is not high enough for her son.

Juliana's "Machiavellian" manipulation will unwittingly send him to a cruel fate.

Mysterious disappearance, death, tragedy, differences of status and wealth will bring conflicts and sorrows for both families, but somehow the two families will share a secret: a strong silk thread which will unite them forever...

Auguste, an army mercenary in the Dutch army, having served fourteen years in Indonesia, will bring more passion and above all stability to Alexandrine's romantic life.'

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