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Born in Flight

Posted on Sunday, July 17, 2016 | No Comments

SciFi/Fantasy conventions are generally about nerdish discussions, enjoying company, shopping...seduction isn't on the usual list of activities... Expecting the unexpected only stretches so far. Wrong. They call themselves fairy, or fey, for lack of a better word, though it does little to explain what they are. They sport wings never seen by humans. Fledged decades ago, Adam and Eve seek suitable humans for metamorphosis. They know that fairy survival rests in successful integration of others, and set a lure with a suggestive painting at a science fiction/fantasy convention. They catch Lucy. Lucy is a married woman, though she and her husband are seeking to add excitement to their marriage. She didn't know her one night of wild passion with the charming Adam would see her life changed, or give birth to wings. Life turns into a struggle of survival when, as a new fledgling, she must learn the rules that govern the fairy, navigate the treacherous waters of protocol and discover within herself a magic deeper than Adam or Eve ever imagined. Lucy's life, and that of her husband, spirals into an inescapable conclusion; Lucy is the miracle they have been seeking for millennium. Her passion will give rise to new hope, if she survives the challenges of those who refuse to believe.

Free Days: 07/18 - 07/22 

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