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Boysie Blake Problem Solver

Posted on Tuesday, July 26, 2016 | No Comments

Hollywood: sex, murder, power, corruption, fraud, theft and obsession with the Cult Of Celebrity; then there are bad days. Michael Santoro, Boysie's stepdad, was found floating face down in Sycamore Cove. Drowned while surfing, apparently. Marjorie Wallace, art dealer to Hollywood's powerful elite, brokered a deal between two of its most formidable and dangerous players, for a previously unknown and never before seen Jackson Pollock. Problem is, the painting's a 3D printed fake, and now she's on the hook for a $150 million to the buyer, her ex husband, David Gandolfo. He's connected to the Vatican and the U.S. government; now he wants her dead. The seller, Jack Valentine, more violent gangster than B movie producer, wants Boysie dead. Gandolfo has a minder, Cardinale Christoforo, monster of a man. Valentine has a minder, Bruno, monster of a man. Violence can wield a gun or a chalice. Boysie knows there will be blood. He has to make sure it's not Marjorie's, or his.

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