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Posted on Sunday, July 31, 2016 | No Comments

A short baseball thriller involving a Seattle Mariners staffer, a Yemini psychopath, and a U.S. Army Captain. Jasper Leonard works in the front office of the Mariners. Cold beer at Safeco Field kick starts a journey into hell when "Captain Keeg" tells his childhood friend, Jasper, that he smuggled home an ancient artifact from a museum in Baghdad during the second Iraqi War. After a grueling homestand, Jasper is in the middle of an inebriated slumber when a Yemini thug, Hashim Aziz, breaks into his West Seattle condo. Hashim wants the artifact, Keeg wants to sell it, and Jasper just wants a good nights sleep. So...how do two people wind up dead? This 6,000 word missive takes readers on a wild, irreverent ride that explodes the boundaries of friendship and greed. You'll be treated to an unusual peek at the business side of baseball and a surprising twist that leaves you wondering if Jasper will ever be able to handle a slider.

Free Days: 08/01 - 08/31 

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