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The Mighty Airship Kaede

Posted on Wednesday, July 20, 2016 | No Comments

An airship. A dangerous rescue. A world unlike anything you've ever seen... California, 1862. Dr. Sakura Momji leads a quiet life on her cattle ranch in the California territory. Hundreds of years after Japan colonized its way to Hawaii and several years after the Martian invasion of Britain, Momiji performs top secret government work for the combined Japan/Britain empire. But her next assignment could be the most dangerous she's ever taken... Momiji boards the Airship Kaede with a new bodyguard en route to the Confederate States of America. In addition to dealing with a vindictive ex, Momiji must rescue the survivors of a crashed spaceship from Venus. When her mission becomes anything but diplomatic, Momiji must rely on unproven allies if she wants to have a chance to survive. The Mighty Airship Kaede is a steampunk sci-fi novel set in an alternate timeline. If you like reimagined histories, strong female leads, and the incredible tech of steampunk, then you'll love the first installment of Gary Feather's Mighty Airships of Earth series. Buy The Mighty Airship Kaede to see a whole new world today!

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