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The Wit and Wisdom of Bobby Chicken Legs Muldoon

Posted on Thursday, July 7, 2016 | No Comments

'Robert James Muldoon. That's me, fifteen years auld, four feet three wi bright red hair an legs like a chicken...' It's 1968. Bobby, as he is better known, lives in a Gorbals' tower block in Glasgow. He desperately wants to be 'grown up' but his journey to maturity is fraught with obstacles. He is crippled by a lack of self-confidence, tormented at school, controlled by his OCD mother and ignored by the lassies. Gradually Bobby realises he has the ability to make something of himself if he can only overcome his lack of self-esteem. So he begins his journey to adulthood and, with the help and support of his father and the slightly mysterious Archie, the only true friend he has, he meets each crisis head on with a sharp, witty sense of humour and a huge amount of determination.

Free Days: 07/08 - 07/10 

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