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Assembly Of Planets

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Assembly Of Planets Series: When the lead council's best interests are brought into question, the Assembly votes to reconstruct the ten seats of council. In doing so, selected candidates are subjected to numerous trials of fate and justice. Jupiter, a self-denounced member of the original council, quickly finds herself an involuntary candidate and the single connection to a string of murders. First Set Includes: 1.Castle In A Red Storm, A Novelette: A long since isolated Jupiter returns to the Assembly Of Planets to testify at the council's hearing. 2.Terror By Night, A Novelette: While prepping for trial, a murder is discovered. Those running for trial are subjected to questioning. 3.Callisto, The Moon: During first trial, Jupiter is shown her affect on the creator's plan. Memories of Jupiter and her moon, Callisto, resurface. 4.Assembly In Trial: In the wake of first trial, there falls a silence among those who have passed. Meanwhile, the new Assembly system is put to the test. 5.Serenity, A Novelette: Second trial uncovers the truth behind the exile of planets X and Pluto.

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