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Follow the Trail of Ghosts

Posted on Saturday, August 20, 2016 | No Comments

Brigadier General Matthew Jackson and his team of four Marines join medium Abby Nelson again to take on another mission for a small and little-known U.S. government agency. Classified locations have as many problems as any other place when it comes to the paranormal, and sometimes have to shut down because of them. Matthew's team is the ideal answer to their bizarre predicaments. With the unusual and capable group by her side, Abby tackles the ghost problems at a presidential retreat in Biloxi, a residence for Air Force officers in North Carolina that the dead owner refuses to vacate, a secretive agency in Washington DC, and one small but valuable office of the Veteran's administration that has more than just a ghost to worry about. The peak of their project finds them in the place commonly known by its number...51. An angry extraterrestrial commands their attention right away. And just when it seems that the problems are almost over, a soft-spoken but very dead corporal shows his true colors with a scheme that might extend the team's stay at 51 indefinitely. This is not your usual ghost hunting team. Abby cares as much about the dead as she does the living, and her mission is always to convince the spirits to finish their death journey. And despite how much trouble she attracts, or creates, she easily endears herself to the spirits she helps as well as to the team of seasoned Marines. (Rated 13+ for ghost activity. No other warnings.)

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