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Posted on Tuesday, August 23, 2016 | No Comments

No one believed Meriel Hope when she said the attack on her home, the merchant spaceship Princess, was piracy. There had not been a reported hijacking in nearly a century, and she was just a twelve-year-old kid. But Meriel knew that pirates slaughtered her parents and friends and left her with the responsibility to find a safe home for her sister and the surviving orphans. Ten years after the attack, Meriel still suffers from symptoms of PTSD while she struggles to carve out a normal life for herself on a new ship with a new job and a new romance. Unknown to her, the conspiracy behind the carnage on the Princess still plots to enslave an entire sector of space to control a priceless resource. But Meriel and the orphans are in the way. Again. Follow the adventures of Meriel Hope as she fights for freedom and survival in an unforgiving universe.

Free Days: 08/24 - 08/25 

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