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Send Him Victorious

Posted on Wednesday, August 3, 2016 | No Comments

The Golden Age is back with a vengeance. Alfred II, the good-hearted but iron-willed King of England, seizes the power once wielded by his ancient ancestors in a quest to reshape the world. But ruling a modern nation as absolute monarch has unforeseen perils. Prince Adrian, a wastrel accustomed to a life of ease and decadence, dislikes the responsibility of heir to the New Order, descending into depression. The ambitious Princess Frances envies Adrian's birthright and plots to gain power herself. The King's long-time friend, the traditionalist Archbishop Youngblood, turns against and seeks to destroy the Royal Family. Civil war looms as factions rise up, resurrecting a centuries-old conspiracy against the Monarchy. Worst of all, the US President takes issue with the renewed autocracy, threatening war against its former ally. Can one man stand against his family, his country, and the world? A truly modern thriller with a dramatic link to the past, bringing the intrigues, powerplays, and skullduggery of the Age of Kings into modern times!

Free Days: 08/04 -08/05 

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