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Temporary Periods of Joy

Posted on Thursday, August 4, 2016 | No Comments

A humorous fairy tale about a young girl from a land and time far away who marries a fairy magician. He leaves her alone and suffering. So she marries again. And again. She is happy with marriage number three - a King from a distant kingdom - until his former paramour turns him into a toad. Bad timing, as her hot husband is now pond life. Bad news too for the Institute of Astronomers who supervise regal marriages. Business could suffer. Ecclestica runs her kingdom alone but the king's sisters, concerned about succession, try to murder the toad. The magician returns, annoying both the Fairy Queen and Abdul, who's back in human form once more and war follows as the Fairy Queen launches an attack on the white queen's kingdom. There's the odd reference to literature or music you might catch. The classics and the greats. Which this isn't. But it's fun. And the writers responsible are mentioned at the end, if you haven't yet sorted them out.

Free Days: 08/05 - 08/07 

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