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Tressa's Treasures

Posted on Thursday, August 18, 2016 | No Comments

If you love fae mythology, romance, suspense, and drama get this book now! Tressa is a Sidhe in hiding. Happy with her new life in the Human World, she becomes engrossed in the human drama around her. When evidence surfaces that unfriendly fae may be nearby Tressa is surprised to learn many fae still believe she is the King's Jewel of an ancient prophecy. Will the evil fae find Tressa in her place of refuge? If her enemies should find her, can she protect the people she loves? And what part does the dark eyed stranger and his daughter play in her future? Above all- is it possible that, even after losing faith in her destiny, she will guide the Sidhe race back into heaven's good graces?

Free Days: 08/19 - 08/23 

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