> A Search For Family (The Bart Northcote Series Book 2)

A Search For Family (The Bart Northcote Series Book 2)

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Matt Martin is a Hollywood star from another era. He is still well known for his Westerns. His best roles - as well as his personal happiness - are apparently behind him. He contemplates spending his golden years alone. Although he plays a fearless hero, he now faces the most challenging role of this life with uncertainty. Here he employs Los Angeles private detective Bart Northcote to locate his estranged daughter. Things turn around for Matt after he invites his daughter and the mother of his child to his idyllic estate. He kicks his alcohol habit, and enjoys his new found family. But not everyone is his entourage is happy. His daughter is kidnapped and held for ransom. Bart is given clear instructions. Neither the police nor the FBI will be involved. The matter will be handled "in house." Bart is drawn to Matt's daughter, and idolizes Matt, who now acts more like a vengeful villain in a cowboy film rather than the hero in a white hat. It is almost certain that someone close to Matt is involved in the kidnapping. In that case paying the ransom will not guarantee a happy ending, but could spell disaster. Can Bart find the culprits before it is too late? 99 Cent Bargain from September 30, 2016

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