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"But Bastet did not follow. She stopped outside the door. She sat. She thought. She remembered everything she and Sabah had heard about Tutankhamun's mask. The dazzling gold! The ebony eyes! The jeweled cobra! The brilliant inlays of lapis-lazuli and quartz and obsidian! And in her mind's eye she saw, staring up at Tutankhamun, two scrawny cats, one golden and one spotted. That was her dream, after all. Not just to see the mask, but to see it with Sabah. Together. How disloyal she had been to Sabah!" In faraway Cairo, allegiance between friends is put to the test. Being a loyal friend, among the cats that live in the streets of Cairo are two good friends, Bastet and Sabah. Their lives are not easy, but they have their small pleasure, their dreams, and each other. This story of allegiance between friends is set in one of the world's oldest cities and features the ancient Khan el-Khalili bazaar, the timeless Nile, and the treasures of Tutankhamun.

Free Days: 09/03 - 09/07 

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