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Mean Times

Posted on Thursday, October 6, 2016 | No Comments

Set between the two world wars, an impoverished family live through some of the most arduous periods of the twentieth century. They attempt to survive, not always by the most considered and constructive means, but in the only way they know how. Not every man was a hero and not every woman a perfect mother. War was entering its final stages and the choices made by Bill could see him shot for treason. Neglecting his duty to 'King and Country' he makes his escape leaving behind Sukey who struggles with an unwanted pregnancy and the unforgiving Victorian values of the people around her. Their only respite from war is working in the hop fields. The story's pinnacle is set around the V.E. Day party. Despite the stories many darker moments and tragic plot lines, it has a natural comedy shared by these people, which help to carry them through.

Free Days: 10/07 - 10/09 

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