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Surviving Abe

Posted on Saturday, September 17, 2016 | No Comments

When weather events align and launch Winter Storm Abe on an unprepared populace, the U.S. struggles during the worst megastorm in its history. As the outside environment deteriorates, a group of radical environmentalists exploit the ongoing natural disaster with an inside cyber attack on software controlling the availability of America's fuel, food, and electrical power. Societal conditions deteriorate-and the U.S. Government is quick to declare martial law, but slow to deliver relief supplies. Only those skilled at survival will weather this one-two punch to the soft underbelly of a technologically dependent civilization. While elk hunting in Colorado's Rockies Gus catches on that he is fast becoming snowbound in a high-altitude blizzard. Making his way out of the mountains, Gus encounters critters that help and characters that kill. Andy, on a cross-country bicycle trek, gets glazed over in an East Texas ice storm. Trapped at a roadside convenience store with the farmer's daughter might be the stuff of dreams, if it didn't include a jealous ex-boyfriend, big-city gangs, and hungry cattle rustlers. On the Chesapeake Bay, solo-sailing Tess, is caught in rapidly changing climates, both meteorological and political. As a female on her own, deadly heat waves and tornadoes aren't the only dangers she faces, and Abe isn't the only adversarial male to show up on her radar.

Free Days: 09/18 - 09/22 

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