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Surviving The Cull

Posted on Saturday, September 17, 2016 | No Comments

In 2020 intelligent malware infects and destroys the digital circuitry 8 billion humans depend on-only those with both wisdom and strength survive the cull that results. By 2050 a shrunken populace has learned to depend on their wits and smart dogs, instead of infrastructure and smartphones. With a new clue in his pocket, treasure hunter Pro is on the verge of discovering the Lost Retreat when slavers chase spear toting, raven-haired Kenai and her dog O3 across his path. While Pro deals with the best and worst of desperation's effects on humanity, human history is set to repeat itself. This time advanced technology emerges from bunkers instead wooden ships but its allure to the indigenous people remains unchanged. A war ensues as Pro, Kenai, and the cull survivors are forced to choose between living on the edge but free, or submitting to governmental control for security and the good of the species.

Free Days: 09/18 - 09/22 

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