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"How often do you find yourself unhappily committed to a book?" asked Pollens. "I believe that “HAUNTED" would not fall into this category, but I want readers to have a special option... the "IN THE BEGINNING" version... FREE on Sunday, Oct. 23 and again on Oct 24."

Here's a bit of what the story is about...
In spite of years of successful academic achievement, Dr. Harold Treadwell, a PHD psychologist at Philadelphia's Jess Hawkins University (JHU), has extremely low self-esteem.  Memories of a year's earlier incident plague him and he loses himself in the complexities of a sleep-study research project.

Harold's proposed research focuses on sufferers of undiagnosed and untreated mysterious pain... mental and physical difficulties that appear without warning and ruin lives.  Harold spends five-years designing a sleep-stasis chamber... a necessary apparatus in the proposed study.  Finally, he submits a grant application to the National Institutes of Health (NIH).  Its approval is in doubt until an unexpected source of support with NIH influence surfaces.
Free Days: 10/23 - 10/24 

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