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The Conundrum of Calliope's Fate

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The Conundrum of Calliope's Fate, a fictitious novel, inspired by true events in the life of the author, is a riveting story of a young woman whose father was American - of British descent and her mother a Greek national. Born in the States in the aftermath of the Second World War, Calliope was raised in Athens, Greece following the divorce of her parents and the remarriage of her mother. As an undergraduate at university in the U.S., Calliope's conservative lifestyle will be thrown into disarray when she falls in love with a wealthy Jewish grad student, whose parents were Holocaust survivors. Drafted into the army, Daniel is tragically killed in Vietnam and the subsequent birth of their daughter out of wedlock will dramatically alter the course of Calliope's life. Helena, Daniel's mother, will bring up her granddaughter in the Judaic tradition and Calliope will return to Greece, never to disclose the existence of her child even to her future Greek spouse. This novel is a poignant and heartrending account of love and loss and, above all, the implacable forces of the inevitability of fate in Calliope's life.

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