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The Snowball Effect

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How can an investor guarantee that they will meet their retirement goals? - Become a "Snowball Investor" Don't listen to pundits and faceless Internet "experts." Consider instead the power of income investing. If you want true wealth building and the ability to retire on time, consider becoming a "Snowball" investor. This type of investor focuses not on what the price of the investment is, but the income it produces. A "Snowball" investor embraces a buy-and-hold state of mind and buys dividend-bearing stocks and bonds. "The Snowball Effect" was written to provide the winning investment strategy that will allow investors to survive difficult stock markets and actually retire on time. By reading this book, you will: Learn how to reap income from companies each year through dividend & interest payments. Learn how to reinvest those payments in a prudent manner to build your investment portfolio over time. Learn how to sell covered calls against your investment portfolio to further enhance your income. Learn how investing in micro-cap dividend stocks can not only provide income, but provide enhanced diversification to your portfolio. Learn what bonds to own and which bonds to avoid. Learn about the Top 100 Dividend Stocks that can serve as the anchor to your investment portfolio. Don't play the Wall Street game, become a "Snowball" investor and reap the rewards of an income based investment strategy.

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