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Is safety an illusion? Endless solar storms have brought technology back to the proverbial Stone Age, but there's still hope... CICADA, a scientific fortress built by Max Thompson and his team, has one goal: find a solution. But they'll need to hurry. Others are trying to force entry, and even more want to destroy them. Worse, an uncovered secret could lead to the end of all life. Humanity's fate may depend on CICADA's success or failure. Praise for CICADA "Fast paced page turner." "...I can't immediately predict what will happen next." "Couldn't put the book down..." "...lots of action and more twists in the plot that will make your head spin." "... a heck-of-a tale!" "...twists and turns no one could have foreseen." "A perfect scenario for an all-nighter." "...the ending will have you saying, WOW!" 99 Cent Bargain eBook from November 9 - 15, 2016

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