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Head in the Game: A Game Day College Football Romance

Posted on Tuesday, November 15, 2016 | No Comments

Lilah Stone has never followed football. She grew up in one of the country's biggest college football towns, but she's a painter. She doesn't go all weak-kneed for some jock. Especially not after the sex scandal that tore apart the team and destroyed her world. So when she takes a summer adjunct job at Mountain State University, the last guy she wants to see in class is an arrogant, cocky football player. Then Riley Brulotte walks in. He's everything she's sworn to hate ... and sexy as hell. He's all wrong for Lilah. So why does he feel so right? Riley "Lotto" Brullote knows one thing: How to play football. As one of the Mountain State Mustang's star players, this tight end has taken some hard hits on the field. But Lilah Stone is the first woman to knock him flat. With her abundant curves and bold nature, she'd draw his attention even if she weren't his summer art teacher. Riley has to play his best this season if he wants any shot at being drafted, but the toughest play of all might be for Lilah's heart. The Mountain State Mustangs have a reputation for winning ... until a sex scandal leaves them without a coach, without a quarterback, and seemingly without a chance. They'll have to give it their all and put their hearts on the line if they want to score the biggest win of all-the women they love. Only one day matters ... Game Day.

Free Days: 11/16 -11/20 

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