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Posted on Wednesday, November 16, 2016 | No Comments

Red Dot asks, "How will humans, with their combustible political and religious rivalries, react to the approach of a mysterious alien spaceship?" Spoiler alert: not well. "The story had me hooked from beginning to end ... unnervingly realistic;" Amazon customer review. In Red Dot, an extraterrestrial craft will enter Earth's orbit on October 16, 2022-forty-four days from now. NASA scientist Claire Montague is a single mother in her thirties who's leading a special team near Washington, DC, assigned to handle the approaching spaceship and report their findings to President Al Douthart. News of the impending ET encounter spreads after a tumultuous National Security Council meeting, causing social, economic, and political upheaval around the world. Just as governments are beginning to calm the chaos of their countries, thousands of unexplained red dots appear on the ground all over the globe. As the countdown continues, Claire and her colleagues struggle to make sense of the mysterious dots and determine what the extraterrestrials' plan is once they arrive on Earth. But as the questions go unanswered and global tensions erupt into violence, President Douthart wonders who will be more harmful in the end-humans or aliens?

Free Days: 11/17 - 11/18

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