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The Prophecy

Posted on Thursday, November 17, 2016 | No Comments

Sam Tynnan is convinced that with his latest novel, The Prophecy - a unique interweaving of ancient prophecies with current-day Islamic terrorism - he's written the thriller of the year. But when he finds himself targeted, he realizes that some people are determined to bury what's he's written. Adel Al-Shaffir, Egyptian-born, heads an Arabic language 'activity' tracking centre at the forefront of hunting down the world's leading terrorist, Abu Khalish. But as Tynnan's manuscript starts being played out in real-life with a chain of bomb attacks and his path collides with Al-Shaffir's, the question begs: could what Tynnan's written be used to avoid the prophesied Armageddon of his manuscript? Or are both of them merely being used as bit players in that script, a terrifying odyssey in which ultimate conflict is unavoidable. A case of art mirroring life or life mirroring art? - with the stakes as never before.

Free Day: 11/18 

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