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You Can't Do it Naked - from Exposed to Fully Clothed in the Armor of God

Posted on Saturday, November 19, 2016 | No Comments

TIRED OF STRUGGLING EMOTIONALLY? Do you struggle with depression or anxiety; have relationship difficulties; are you consumed with negative thoughts of self-worth or fears? Are you tired of fighting the same emotional battles over and over? Do these struggles leave you feeling frustrated, exhausted, and defeated? LEARN HOW TO WIN THE BATTLE: What if I told you there is a scheme designed to distract you from overcoming, and this deception keeps you from becoming empowered and having an abundant life? The battle is spiritual; so are the weapons, and you can't fight your enemy unprotected. THIS POWERFUL AND EYE OPENING BOOK WILL: Identify the real enemy and expose the schemes and deceptions you are truly fighting Transform yourself into a powerful emotional warrior Teach you how to become fully clothed in the armor of God for protection to conquer your enemy to live in freedom and abundance What's stopping you from overcoming your struggles and exchanging your life of battles for one of freedom, empowerment and abundance? This book will help get you there.

Free Days: 11/20 - 11/22 

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