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Fatal Truth

Posted on Friday, December 16, 2016 | No Comments

She's an investigative reporter hellbent on uncovering the truth... Feisty television host Savanna Bunkett exposes government cover-ups on her award-winning show, The Bunk Stops Here. When she digs into a rumor about a top-secret government project producing "super soldiers" for the president, she suddenly finds herself on an assassin's hit list. He's the one man who knows the truth, and the only man who can protect her... Navy SEAL Lieutenant Trace Hunter is the only soldier to survive Project 24. After refusing a direct order from the president, he was branded a traitor, and his career imploded after the sexy reporter turned him into a national headline. He now works undercover for Shadow Force International, using his enhanced skills to fight for justice and protect the innocent. His first assignment? Protect Savanna from the one man who wants them both dead. One wrong move and they'll be silenced forever... Helping Savanna is the last thing Trace wants to do, but her unwavering determination to expose the president's dark truth matches his own. She's his one chance to set the record straight, and he's her only chance at survival. 99 Cent Bargain eBook from December 16 - January 7, 2017

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