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To Leave a Memory

Posted on Friday, December 2, 2016 | No Comments

If you enjoy films like "On Golden Pond," you'll love this tender portrait of a quirky professor, his psychic wife and their troubled daughter, who come together to forgive and rediscover how to love. You'll laugh, cry and cheer as each character becomes like your own family by the poignant ending. When history professor Andrew Ward ignores his wife Lizzy's premonition that something will happen if he allows their son to go out one stormy night, tragedy strikes. Andrew is too anguished to admit he was wrong and, over the years, he and Lizzy drift into avoidance. Forgotten in the marital divide, young daughter Jane can't forgive her brother's death. Nor can Andrew's brother Thomas, an arrogant millionaire and a perpetual prickle in Andrew's side. When Lizzy decides to leave, Jane -- who is now a tech guru and mother of three -- urges her mother to repair her marriage. But Lizzy's church sidekick Ouisie encourages her to leave and even offers Lizzy a home. Oblivious to the women's secret planning, Andrew hides in his office, trying to write a grand apologia to atone for his heartbreaking error. But when a second tragedy strikes, each family member faces a cho6ce that no one wants to make. And Andrew must find the way to redeem himself and leave a memory.

Free Days: 12/3 - 12/6

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