> > A God's tale: When War and Death Remained

A God's tale: When War and Death Remained

Posted on Thursday, January 12, 2017 | No Comments

Born in a world of hate and death will Elika be able to stay pure? All the odds are against her, and yet; she pushes to remain who she was born as, untainted and pure. But would it last? With her brothers all fighting along with their mother and father, could she avoid it? Fighting against the very things her people thrived on, believed in; what they were taught to live like from the day they were born. The people of the heaven dimension lived and breathed war, training from toddlers to hold and handle a weapon; trained to kill at their king's command. But Elika was different, she despised the war; the thought of killing sickening her. So when she is called into battle, would she be able to kill and hate, like the rest of them? Or will she break under the pressure of a thousand eyes.

Free Days: 01/13 - 01/15 

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