> > The Affairs Of The Commander's Wife

The Affairs Of The Commander's Wife

Posted on Thursday, January 5, 2017 | No Comments

A highly erotic, sensuous and atmospheric journey through a beautiful love affair, set mainly in Cornwall in England. David Bourne was a high flying London architect, who having lost his wife and little girl in a sudden tragic accident, has spent four years travelling the world trying to forget. He has just returned to England to start a new life in Cornwall, where he meets the beautiful Anna Redmond, the commander's wife. See it through their eyes and feel it through their minds as it deepens and when the commander enters the arena, expect the unexpected! An unusual story, so real, and ever more erotic as it progresses, it is thought-provoking and told with a great beauty woven into both the sadness and the joy.

Free Days: 01/06 -01/08

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