> > The Green Lady: Memoirs of a Glasgow Midwife

The Green Lady: Memoirs of a Glasgow Midwife

Posted on Thursday, January 26, 2017 | No Comments

Nell Dickson is a domiciliary midwife in 1960's Glasgow. Nell experiences and witnesses firsthand the difficult circumstances that face women and their families during a time of economic decline. Midwives see what others do not. They are invited into homes and lives during an immensely significant life event. In the majority of cases childbirth is a time of joy and celebration, even when faced with difficult and complicated personal circumstances. Sometimes, childbirth is a time of deep sadness and grief. Through each woman's journey, Nell is reminded and amazed by the strength and comradery of the women and people of Glasgow. Their strength, spirit of community and humour permeate her being and make each day she spends as a midwife unique and interesting as well as an absolute pleasure.

Free Days: 01/27 - 01/29 

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